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  • is operated by PNR Inc., a precious natural resources and minerals marketing firm. We sell bullion direct to registered corporate investors at competitive discounts
  • (Precious Natural Resources Inc.) sells gold dorey and gold bullion through sights, directly to reputable corporate clients Worldwide.
  • We are consultants and advsiors of Precious Minerals Marketing Corporation (PMMC), which is Ghana's official government regulatory unit mandated to supervise and tax precious minerals transactions in The Republic of Ghana (West Africa - ECOWAS)
  • We are prepared to offer to our clients a steady supply of discounted gold. For requests of gold sourced in Ghana, please review PMMC's outlined procedures for the legal purchase of quantities of Ghanaian Gold larger than 500 grams. Ghana is Africa's second largest supplier of gold, with South Africa being first. Our government suppliers offer gold sourced in African Union Nations.
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